Urdolls Is Committed to Selling Incredible Japanese Sex Doll

Sex dolls meet the maximum needs of customers

According to the report, urdolls is one of the leading sex doll retailers in the United States, dedicated to creating incredibly detailed products to meet the maximum needs of customers. The 36-year-old man of the operating doll company even made a replica of a famous porn star.

Sexual doll brothels may actually be good for Toronto. When you announced last month that Toronto will receive the “North American First Personality doll brothel,” you can almost feel the shorts on the entire GTA.

Mini Flat Chest TPE Sex Doll

He also mentioned that sometimes a man’s wife is waiting for her husband. The women are very aware of what happened behind the door, but they are neither serious nor cheat. Since then, although the owners have cancelled the lease of TPE sex dolls, these dolls have not yet caught up with the huge recycling plant in the air. Their website is still accepting reservations in an undisclosed location that is “available at the time of booking”, and frankly, I am reassured.

I remember the critics ridiculed her business philosophy, but now she has a large number of customers who pay 50 euros for 30 minutes and 80 euros for one hour. One of the world’s most expensive brothels is located in Canada, where the owner charges the customer an hourly fee of $120.

But she now offers customized services that allow customers to create and buy their own Japanese sex dolls. Today, there are GYNOID doll brothels in 12 countries around the world. In Japan, the trend of love dolls began in Japan, and since its inception, this Asian country has been leading the industry.

In fact, there are several Japanese men dating their sex dolls. Others buy gifts for their silicone companions and take them for a walk in a wheelchair. These people have emotional attachment to dolls, so they don’t want to cheat because they believe that each doll has its own personality.

She emphasized that cleanliness and caution (including “white gloves” for door-to-door delivery) is the slogan of her rental service. She said: “I am very entrepreneurial, I have a business mind. I am reading an article, which stifles my imagination. Employees will get photos and get important statistics, and can make a near-perfect avatar. .

I understand people’s concerns (who really wants a person to have sex with an object with a separable pubic hair?), but all of us can afford to reduce their anger by about 100 levels.

Dating is difficult. It is very difficult to open to others. Although I want to believe that “everyone has a person”, this cliché is not achievable for many people, but the mini sex doll is still the basic human needs. Sexual doll brothels create a safe space where people can seek sexual life without the emotional, physical or potential criminal consequences of seeking a similar service for an actual person (or sharing the price of a car).