Artificial Intelligence Sex Dolls Have Friendly Faces

Sex dolls provide a friendly AI experience for people

Sex dolls use artificial intelligence to replicate TEN’s different “Blowjob Experience”. This strange robot head will be a friendly face of artificial intelligence. The sex doll robot head is expected to provide a more friendly AI experience. AI is currently undergoing crowdfunding.

It all runs on a fairly standard computer – in this case an Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. Sex dolls can enhance the confidence of sexually hunger men and help couples cope with the split erotic fantasies.

A new book has already argued why sex robots can be a blessing for lonely people and couples. TPE sex dolls are also equipped with custom tuning stereo speakers so you can hear your robot clearly. There is also a high-definition webcam so it can interact more realistically with its owners.

I hope that one day, one of the robots of the sex doll company will attach everything, we can continue to welcome our robot overlord. Fortunately, any fluid will remain in the casing and can be removed and discarded.

A co-editor of the book, called Robotics: Social and Ethical Meaning, says that sex doll machines can see sexual experiences “more madly” spread to people who are considered unpopular. The university law lecturer said: “One thing they can do is to spread sexual experiences more widely to those who are not considered to be traditionally attractive.

Experts warn that gender robots are similar to children because companies make them small enough for users to carry. The sexologist visited a sex doll trade show where she met a silicone-like doll similar to a child.

The inventor of AI said: “We spent nearly three years listening to the feedback from our 200,000 owners and responded to the establishment of a new machine that mechanically better replicates the combination of slip and friction between the mouth and the hand. Male experience during oral sex.

Although the manufacturer tried to explain that the doll has small breasts, indicating that it is an adult, the rise of small-sized doll robots does sound an alarm. In another video posted to YouTube, the company demonstrated two main features of the robot. First of all, it can speak up to 40 languages, which is very suitable for people who need help and may not speak local language.

The second interesting part of the demo is the use of artificial intelligence to understand natural language and to respond to relevant details. The video shows a couple of stress on the train – but artificial intelligence can help them in their own language.

Last year, AI expert professors said that Japanese sex doll robots can treat pedophiles. “By using artificial intelligence, the first time we learned about the mechanism of oral sex, we found and replicated the technology that uses our machines to feel less and more human.”

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