Pre-purchase Plan for Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have realistic skin and realistic sex organs

Graham said that not only men are interested in life-like lovers, but many of his customers are buying female customers in order to prevent their husbands from cheating. People may criticize this concept, but if there is, it is a celebration of women. If men are not so obsessed with women, they will not want to make TPE sex doll like them.

The first sex doll brothel owner in the UK claimed that the escorts in real life were “fear” that he would let them go bankrupt. He said that he even tried sex dolls himself. In a radio interview, the boss of the unnamed urdolls said instead He is working on a “try before buying” plan.

The businessman, Graham, told Chiles: “We hope this is a test drive so they can continue to buy our products.” 70% of the guys are not worried about the dolls they used before. The other 30 people will never encounter a used doll. ”

He allowed the customer to pay £50 for a sexual relationship with one of his dolls for half an hour before he had the opportunity to buy it. The dolls available for “testing and testing” retail for £1,800. It is an adult size weighing about 30 kg with realistic skin and realistic sex organs on the metal skeleton.

Successful companies stock a range of female dolls that can be selected based on body shape, breast size and height. He is now starting to store a series of male dolls with six or seven inch penis. Each sale, which sells for just over £1,000, shows that they have achieved great success.

They also offer a variety of clothing – naughty nurses, sexy secretaries – to save the new owner must go to the underwear store. A company spokesperson said: “We believe that the two areas that really need improvement are the skin and the eyes.

The company’s boss said that professional escorts were worried about introducing dolls into brothels, claiming that the service might cause them to go bankrupt. Warning – Graphic content: 40-year-old Graham sells sex dolls produced on order, customers can pay £100 for Have a good time, then spend £2,000 to bring her home

Sex dolls are living like this now, they are mistaken for real things. Art works have a huge market, the company says you can “customize” so you can get the girl you want.

Business owner Graham says custom D-cup sex dolls can be designed as partners, crushing and even celebrities. The “brothel” in the Gateshead industrial area in Tyne and Wear, northeast England, has a double bed, lubricant , condoms and mannequins.

Success: walking, talking, silicone sex doll are the latest sex industry hotspots. Sex dolls are hired for £100 an hour, and he admits that they have tested them.The Gateshead owner denied that he was running a “sex doll brothel”

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