Sex Doll Robot Has A Full-featured G Point

Sex dolls have a family model

After the inventor of the sex doll robot admitted that her child was playing with a doll, she shouted “I can shoot multiple times – more love” live. Although the sex robot has a full-featured g-point, it still has a “family mode”.

He brought the sex doll robot into the studio, and a sly Field admitted that he “does not want to bother her,” because she blurted out rude remarks. A confused person said: “At some point they will go, I am old enough, so that my father has sex with a sex doll and she is not a mummy. Isn’t that a bit strange?”

She is a “blonde, curvaceous, lifelike silicone doll robot. As part of a commercial partnership with urdolls, the product was made in a product placement transaction, including porn stars.

The series, directed by the famous adult film director Reil Mills, told the Sun: “I believe we are one of the first mainstream porn companies to shoot trio women. “I think the world is changing. He replied that the doll is “very beautiful” and humans like this human form.

The director of the show believes that this is the first time to use X-level sex dolls for mainstream pornography. We are sure to be shocked by the overwhelming positive reception of this scene. I think this is the first of the mainstream porn films. One of the scenes.

Most people want to have a robot in their home in the near future. People don’t seem to worry about robot uprising as they used to. “I’m thinking about developing a series of shorts specifically for sex with dolls, because when filmed artistically When it is actually very erotic and beautiful. Some different.

People are keen to use robots for two main purposes, no, one of which is not sex. We are most interested in helping with housework and having something to keep in touch.

“Synthesis is traditionally seen as very taboo, but with the development of technology, sexual discourse and the digital age, it is becoming an increasingly hot topic.” But concerns about the robotic uprising have not completely disappeared, people say if We are not treating them well, and we may have a negative future for our mechanical partners.

36% believe that someone may invade your robot and force it to hurt you. Only 27% worry that robots will rise and destroy humans. The audience who disliked this morning went to Twitter after seeing the real Japanese sex doll robot. The new X-Class series is the first to show sex doll robots in porn.

He said his robot is the first one you can verbally interact, which means that when he is in ‘family mode’, his child will chat with TPE sex doll. Sex robots are now porn stars because the new series is called ‘Born Black Mirror’ online broadcast.

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