Sex Dolls Give People More Fantasies?

Sex dolls are mistaken for real women

The businessman, named Ham, said he wants people to try the latest models of dolls, including active joints, before they buy, in order to place “girlfriends” anywhere the buyer likes. “Many times it is more of a fantasy.” Rather than reality, TPE sex doll give them the character they love – this is usually similar to their own.

These dolls are available for men or women – before the person assigned to them. The company offers a unique “try before you buy” service, which has become the country’s first personality doll “brothel” – meaning customers can pay £100 spent a good time with a plastic partner and then took £2,000 to take her home.

“We have four people who have conducted such an investigation. Two people have already purchased. They now have dolls, but we don’t know if they have further understanding. “You used to play with children.” These sex dolls are d cup sex doll. Maybe people like that kind of thing.

However, Gateshead’s boss denied that he was running a “sex doll brothel”. These dolls are part of Japan’s high-tech industry, which has been looking for ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible.

The company says its new line of dolls, made from high-quality silicone, is very good, they are mistaken for real women, and proud that anyone who buys it will never want a suitable girlfriend again.

Customers who want to test drive one of the dolls must provide contact information and pay in advance. Then they visited a simple setup of an industrial unit, with a key code that allowed them to enter a small room with a bed inside, dolls wearing casual clothes, waiting.

“There was a man who wanted to take off her bra and sneak a woman. “We asked him to show this illusion in a saint environment where no one is afraid or injured. The owner of the largest sex doll brothel in the UK claims that real-life escorts are “fear” that he might make them bankrupt.

The 40-year-old is sold in the name of Graham. He sells custom-made sex dolls that look like a companion, a crush or even a celebrity. “If I find a place that is open enough to consider it, then I will consider selling them to a few of my dolls.

One of the dolls was sold through the UK’s largest sex doll business. “We feel that we have finally found something that is indistinguishable from reality.” A businessman revealed that he is renting a doll at a price of £100 an hour – providing customers with a You can test the private space of your device.

Hamm recorded his own silicone sex doll on the 5th radio broadcast of the BBC. “For me, this will be crazy for me,” he said. These dolls are sold under the name of “Dutch Wife”, which is the name of the Japanese sex doll.

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