Sales of Sex Dolls Have Increased

The development of dolls looks more realistic

Further photographs depict the true image of a sexy doll, whether it is lying on a double bed or a female sex doll next to each other on two double beds. Around 1992, the marketing of American sex dolls increased; in the past 20 years, the development of dolls seems more realistic, which is already evident on the Internet.

The company insists that this material makes intimate experiences more realistic than inflatable dolls or sex robots. In a private room with mood lighting, both men and women are given a “new” passion, each room is equipped with a bed, bathroom and TV screen for watching porn.

The company has other popular brothels in Europe, charging €100 (£78) per hour, €180 (£162) for two hours, or €80 for a 30-minute meeting (£72) for time-critical charges. .

“How sexy I look to others, for my children, I am always like a sly mother. I can sit here wearing black shoes and a small rope, they will be like ‘wearing clothes’ “TPE sex dolls are more likely to sit on the couch than the club, and he quickly pointed out that social media should not be too serious.

She said: “People think that I have these really dirty sex parties. People leave me a message saying ‘I bet you do this, I bet you do it’ I like: No! I sit in my dressing gown and drink, then look TV. I think social media is fake. Social media is not real life, I think people should not be so serious. I released it because it makes me feel good.

Her daughter Lacey added: “Mummy brings delicious food, she is very beautiful, I like her lips. Others’ mothers are very ugly.” Cindy said: “Before I gave birth, my clothes The size is always very small, then after I took the child, I gradually gained weight. I have my daughter, I gain weight and then I have my son, I have gained weight.

“When I was older, many girls wanted to be my friends. When I started to lose weight, I returned to myself.” The two mothers also faced criticism because they posted sexy photos on social media. At the same time, it has a sexy silicone doll.

“At the time I was going out with a bodybuilder, so I fed him with a lot of carbohydrates because he wanted to become muscular, what happened in the process, he went around 17 years old. In the muscles The stone, I am 17 pieces of fat.”

Urdolls emphasizes that each doll has to go through a two-hour cleaning process after each use. The mom from Manchester said: “I think people just think that you are publishing these photos because you want sex, or you want a man but I publish these photos because I think – wow!

“You look great. I just released it because it makes me feel good. But the connecting visitors have to hand over a deposit of 50 euros (45 pounds) in case the doll is broken during the meeting, he said. Tell not to have sex in the shower because the doll can’t stand alone.

Horny customers can choose which doll they want to keep, decide what it should (or shouldn’t) wear, or even where they want the D cup sex doll. Other photos show a doll similar to the eccentric singer/composer Lady Gaga, who will star in the new movie with actor Bradley Cooper.

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