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Customers can spend quality time with sex dolls

Sex robot boss said in the making of love that the ‘realistic’ facial expression is like ‘knowing what he is doing’. At the age of 60, he turned to a sex doll robot after divorce ten years ago and described the “harmonious” experience as “ten Eight points.

In fact, in my entire series, there is no real shadow penis. It seems that the more unrealistic the toy, the better. In the world of TPE sex doll, the trend is to create an unachievable performance of idealized feminine beauty. In describing the meeting, he revealed that the actual reaction she made in the bedroom shocked him.

Sexual doll brothel offers a unique “try before you buy” service, which has become the country’s first personality doll “brothel” – meaning customers can pay £100 for a good time with a plastic partner and then spend £2,000 to bring her Come back home. The brothel in the industrial area of ​​England is equipped with double beds, lubricants, condoms and mannequins.

The pop-up brothel costs only £26 with the robot woman. The unusual brothel in Amsterdam was unveiled by the host – roughly translated as Shoot and Swallow – a controversial program about drugs and sex on public television in the Netherlands.

Sex toy critics test a male sex doll called “Steven” and must change the penis
A professional sex toy tester has sex with the BBC’s three documentary “Sexual Robots and Us”, where she shares her insights.

The company officially registered as the owner of the game center and said: “The policeman is very good. He looks at everything. “Despite this, the sex dolls will definitely improve. For example, including a range of voice control features may have greater market potential. If a future sex doll is equipped with greed, a skillful push for the pelvis, there are several speed options and caressing your hands, it will be amazing.

After further inspection, I found that the D-cup doll has a kissable mouth that is also suitable for penetration. I can’t resist hitting his disturbing hips several times. When the sound of the tapping is very similar to the sound of human spanking, I can’t believe it. After a few strikes, my arm was tired, so I placed him face up to avoid being distracted by his fascinating leather.

He said that since he first used robots in 2007, he has spent about £151,000 ($200,000) on his hobby. The TV presenter said that sex doll brothels can also help fight crime. She said: “Think of illegal prostitution or trafficking.

“I won’t say it will be a solution, but in the future, if we can have sex with a doll, with the prostitute, it will provide an extra option, I think it’s great.” But the four sex dolls he collected Compared with Harmony, he believes that this will “open the silica gel revolution of the 21st century.”

He said: “I noticed that her expression is very extreme, just like she knows what I am doing. “If a sexual relationship with a real woman is ten years old, then a sex doll is 8 years old, eight and a half years old. “And, once the developer of the smart doll completes the “X mode,” he thinks it would be better to make love with harmony.

According to the spokesperson, the show tried to find out if the world was ready to have sex with the doll and compare it to whether it was sexually similar to a real person. France’s first silicone sex doll brothel claims to violate the legislation prohibiting prostitution, but it is still approved. The thrower can get sex dolls instead of real women’s services.

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