Sex Dolls Provide Satisfaction in A Humane Way

Sex dolls introduced marriage is not a substitute for a spouse

Although curious couples always have a sexy new trend, it seems that there may be several old trends back this year. This lifestyle company focused on creating intimate and luxurious silicone sex doll showed off their latest trends in 2019 and had some surprising new features on the list.

The reaction of this sex doll is driven by microprocessors and artificial intelligence algorithms, equipped with sensors, speakers and microphones. He wrote a chapter in the new book “Robots: Social and Moral Impacts” and said that sex robots are introduced into marriage. Does not necessarily mean replacing a spouse.

She said that sex robots allow people to define their own forms of marriage – a form of marriage based on creating a family or pure companionship. A long-established robotic brothel failed because it failed to meet the $155,000 fundraising goal. Robot dolls are based on artificial intelligence but will be “modified”.

Guests will have the opportunity to spend time with their favorite robots in their private rooms, but are also invited to use the smartphone app to build relationships with their robot friends. The founder envisioned Eve’s robot dream to become the world’s first consent-centered robotic brothel.

These include ideas and projects that have existed for decades – such as sex dolls and open relationships. Everyone should buy a “plug-in” that they must place in the robot hole of their choice. Depending on the activity, the vagina and anus can be used. In addition to seeing more “aggregation” relationships in 2019, we will obviously continue to see sex dolls. Yes, they won’t disappear anytime soon.

He said: “Sexual dolls have been around for decades, usually a seemingly shocking inflatable toy, and the name is stupid. But it may surprise them in 2019.” They added: “The dusty shelves No longer plaguing the local dirty sex shop, the d-cup sex doll is mature, with a complete silicone structure, terrible realistic features and completely clear internal bones, providing a natural range of motion.”

However, her campaign accumulated only $2,659 in the $155,000 (£123,000) target – only 1%. The goal of the brothel is for those who have “wild illusions, want to explore without cheating, and are interested in deepening their relationship with technology.” As long as someone remembers, there are already sex and relationships involving multiple partners, but he believes that people are now accepting and accepting “alternative” relationships.

They said: “After the 50 degree shadow, BDSM and kinks were introduced into public awareness. Now, the mainstream has realized a more complex and more likely relationship style. He has the opportunity to raise $10,000 for the event. Fly to Los Angeles to attend the opening party and become the first person to shoot one of the dolls on “Private and Public Dates”.

Artificial intelligence (AI) dolls are entering the global market, bringing the revolution of sex robots to provide sexual satisfaction in a near-human way. In a growing report on the sex robot market, the Responsible Robotics Foundation says that rapidly evolving technology has led to the birth of sex dolls that can perform 50 automatic sex acts.

TPE sex doll do not replace human friendship, but think they can work hard to supplement it. “We want someone to be a great parent, a great companion, your best friend, a person, and you are also a sex life. This is a daunting task.”

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