Sex Dolls Give You A More Impressive Return

Sexual Dolls Progress Faster

Dating has been difficult for men and women. However, the latest advances in artificial intelligence will create an evolving sex doll robot industry and may well transform the foundations of interpersonal relationships. It seems that the relationship between the two sexes is not complicated enough, and advances in sex doll technology may increase another complexity of the dating power structure.

He described this to the Times: “What is she thinking, she likes it? If you can create [that kind of reality], or fantasy, it would be a more impressive reward, not “Wow, she can be alone Rotate her hips. ”

This is a silicone sex doll like robot technology for three years. In recent years, the pace of progress has accelerated, and if there are any signs of research, the number of people using this technology may increase significantly, because dolls are more like humans.

This is evident in many videos depicting urdolls customers, even though the public (and their families) disdainfully view their behavior and in many cases are disgusting, so the owners seem to be satisfied with their purchase.

Sex Doll Psychology. When discussing these dolls in the psychological community, most of the conversations surrounding these dolls are concentrated on the social skills that these men have when they are no longer forced to interact with other women in dating situations.

In 2012, psychology students at Cal Poly State University based her master’s thesis on understanding the composition of the crowd that embraced the doll. Although this phenomenon is unusual, it is not a blatant pathology. The results of the survey show that doll owners are not only employed in education, but also seem to be unaffected. Significantly from major mental illnesses and satisfaction with their lives. ”

“Researchers have made remarkable progress in using two-legged robots, but look closely at the impressive videos of the systems that are hanging around in the lab or running on treadmills. They are always supported by tethers so that They inevitably catch them when they fall.”

Still, the first-generation doll robots are far less than that quality, so it may take a year or two before the next-generation heads have a more realistic, human-like voice.

Currently, the TPE sex doll series (as it is called) focuses on perfecting the head itself – motion and artificial intelligence speech, designed to provide users with the illusion that they are dealing with actual, thoughtful, and perceived existence.

These new dolls will not remain static and corpse forever. If the founders of urdolls have any say about this, then one day these D cup sex doll may look more like real human companions.

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