Sex Doll Is A Classic Hot Item

The robot is a sex doll that needs to be tempted

Old people have more sex life than women. If they can live for a long time, if you think that the development of sex doll and robots is only a trend, then you are wrong. We can prove this! In a country where young people are worshipped, aging is insulted. Sex is a classic hot item, but older people are often discolored in popular culture. The famous late masters of India established a connection between sex and death. “Men are afraid of sex and death,” he said. “That’s why they are taboo. No one talks about sex, no one talks about death.”

He believes that because life begins with sexual results, we end up dying. “Life and death are the two poles of one thing.” The master said that the inevitable reality is that “no sex can happen without death, like no Sexual behavior can’t be the same as birth.” So, in these two worlds that are insulted, how do we deal with gender and old age?

The robot is a TPE doll that needs to be tempted: forward or backward? The average life expectancy of women may be 5 to 10 years longer than that of men. In 2013, NPR writers investigated the tendency of men to become younger. Finally, he writes that because of our hormones, our chromosomes, our way of life, becoming a man’s stress, we become (or born) more vulnerable, so men are more likely to die. ”

Triggered by physical contact, the sex doll robot first asks the user to relax by saying “good-looking and gentle” phrases, “I like this” when things are more in line with her preferences. In addition to touching, she also responds to direct sexy and emotional contact. He added: “Normally, she always likes to be kissed, and she also responds to G-spots and breasts.”

Fascinated with adult stars? What about the delicious TV characters from 2 “breaking girls” or “power games”? If you scroll below, you will get real enjoyment! Urdolls teamed up with virtual reality porn to create a superstar silicone doll series. They not only sell replicas of performers, but also sell experiences with them in real life. The Super Star series is integrated with PVR virtual reality, so imagine the possibilities!

In terms of diversity, our editors only saw a male sex doll, but did not see one last year. The proportion, size and depiction of the dolls are similar, and most dolls are presented as Caucasian or Asian. Customer privacy and security seem to be the main focus of the business, which has confirmed that visitors do not interact with people internally (more specifically, there will be no one there), and there is little interaction with other customers, thanks to Independent doorway to the business.

According to what we have seen, the urdolls sex doll booth brought the only male sex doll. In the real love sex doll, he told us that 8% of her sex doll sales are male models. More interestingly, she said that 20% of the customers are couples who want to bring more fun to the relationship without drama. We have previously reported couples who like sex dolls.

It is this kind of thinking that transforms female sexual interaction into a game that can be obtained through correct touch, such as porn cheat codes, which many people find troublesome, especially if they mistakenly believe that flesh and blood women can be rotated in the same way.

The doctor said: “Sexual behavior in the future will bring great benefits.” He added that the medical literature shows that there is a correlation between sex, health and emotions. Although culturally speaking, sex and death are two sides of the same coin – or something that degrades aging, especially among women – it is clear that more sex life is a good thing for your grandparents.

Sex dolls are part of a future way of potentially beneficial sex robots, or is another indication that this technique is another way to turn women into happy items? It’s hard to say at this point, but at least people are talking about it. Perhaps all of this will motivate some engineers to build and create an Android robot that can be agreed. It can even be a powerful educational tool to help some men connect with women, not as objects but as people.

Want to keep a passion for relationships? Try adding a robot d cup sex doll. This is the recommendation of the Spanish inventor who created a sex doll with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. Sex dolls are designed to respond to gentle temptations. According to the company, the doll’s body is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which mimics the texture and movement of human skin. Each of their lumens has its own unique “unique texture, ridges and tightness.”

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