Sex Dolls Are Getting More and More Attention

Sex dolls treat users’ loneliness

A topic that has received increasing attention is the use of sex doll (in this article, the term “sex dolls” is used to cover a range of objects, from functionally limited lifeless latex dolls to new and more interactive ‘sex robots. ‘).

This is an interesting argument. A series of experts in the field of child sexual abuse have argued that prior to taking any action, priority should be given to crime prevention rather than waiting for the current practice of crime.

Let’s first take a look at personal reasons. Sex doll users often report feeling lonely. This is one of the themes highlighted in the online online forum for sex dolls. For these men (because the majority of doll owners are male), their TPE dolls are not just a way out of sex. They offer friendship, friendship and love (some bosses don’t even like the word “boss”, preferring to be called “doll lovers”).

Extending this conclusion to the theme of child sex dolls, there may be an argument that dolls can help some pedophiles avoid sexual abuse of real children. Your own motivational promotion model can help distinguish between the two groups. The model looks like this: those who may commit sexual assault can say that there are certain motivations to do so, as well as facilitators who help them overcome the obstacles that make these motivations. An example of motivation is sexual interest (eg, pedophilia), and motivation may include issues such as antisocial tendencies or substance abuse issues.

The first point can be said to be the most obvious argument for finding support. We know that the vast majority of sex doll users are male, and the “gender” of the dolls they buy is female. If these dolls are used purely for sexual gratification, then this will lead to the possibility of adapting the concept of “female” and “making love for me” in the hearts of sex doll users.

Similarly, the lack of data related to the use of sex dolls has led us to move to closely related research areas. The famous behavioral addiction professor Mark Griffith emphasizes six characteristics that may indicate that people involved in specific behaviors are “addictive”: significant, emotional adjustment, conflict, tolerance, recurrence, and withdrawal. With her perfect grin and the wardrobe of Adidas and Chanel, it’s easy to see the appeal of models and influencers.

In short, there is no simple or definitive answer to whether the use of silicone-based dolls is an indicator of the potential risk of sexual violence crimes. A lot of research is still needed, but throwing the baby out of the bath water and legislating before we get any data can be a negative move.

Of course, this is a fairly abstract way to observe the effects of pornography and sexual assault. A group studied the impact of pornography on sexual abuse rates and found support for implied cathartic effects. The team borrowed from Czech law for a period of time when ownership of pornography (including materials involving children) was legal. They reported that sexual abuse rates have fallen sharply during this period, echoing similar trends in sexual abuse of children in Denmark and Japan.

Just look at the topics that appear in the tweets, when I try to engage in a constructive debate on Twitter (note – the more I try this approach, the less I think Twitter fits the platform). Like a sex doll, pedophilia itself is a controversial topic. The confusion between paedophilia and sexual abuse of children is commonplace in society (apparently there is a connection, but these two terms are not synonymous), which leads to emotional reactions and “sex” to the labelling of “Pedophilia”. Similar offenders are more common. However, the use of mini 100cm doll may be one of the effective ways to prevent child sexual abuse.

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