Sex Doll Robots Will Become an Important Part of Human Life

How does the sex doll robot work?

In an interview in 2016, futurists predicted that sex doll robots will become an important part of the average human life in the coming decades. How do sex dolls work? Sexual robot designers from Barcelona are trying to bring affordable AI dolls to the mainstream. He and his wife created a realistic sex robot at home. He focuses on the thinking of coding robots, and his wife is responsible for bringing sensors into life.

He previously claimed that significant progress in sex and technology could be achieved as early as 2030, and that humanoid robotic behavior will begin to transcend human and human gender by 2050.

People who are busy creating robotic companions want humans to establish true emotional relationships with their TPE dolls. Subsequently announced the expansion to the United States, and plans to supervise its planned brothels in Houston, Texas, while a sexual robot prostitute named Dreams tried to raise funds to open in California.

So why not? According to scientists, the next frontier will be the descendants of humans/robots. It has long been predicted that people will start to marry their sex dolls (obviously this has happened) and will not be too long before the child’s results appear.

As sex robots become easier and more mature, some people claim that these dolls can promote criminal behavior, but others say that using this doll can prevent pedophiles from harming children.

But it can be said that the most attractive aspect of all of this is the small sex dolls, and in most cases, sex doll robots may sound like a convenient – albeit expensive – way to get people to have sex. But experts say they can “treat your loneliness.” In recent years, due to the compliance of humanoid robots, commentators have also opposed sex robots because it encourages people to regard women as property.

The creators rejected these concerns. “We have a lot of feminists in contact,” she said. “Most of them avoid talking to me. They don’t want to talk to me because I am a woman, which goes against their arguments – the idea is ‘men, men’.”

The person in charge from the Responsible Robotics Foundation said: “We just do all these things with the machine, because we can, not really think about how this will completely change human nature. “Some people think that sex robots will create a ‘too easy’ Sexual attitudes, this attitude always exists. ”

In the same way, sex robots designed to resist sexual progress can help keep potential rapists away from humans. By phone, he talked about the importance of companionship, using the robot as a potential for relationship assistance (“when a couple does not match in sexual desire”) and people with atypical interests. However, she added that having a robot partner has very practical benefits. Some of the benefits are quite basic: “You don’t have to worry about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.”

“In the same time frame, artificial intelligence is reaching the human level and becoming emotional, so people actually build strong emotional relationships with their silicone dolls,” he predicted. “In many cases it will develop into sex because they already think that the appearance of the robot fits their preferences anyway, so if it looks good and it has a very good personality, then people will inevitably form very strong The emotional bonds with their robots can lead to sexual behavior in many cases.”

“But for a petite, child-like size, there may be some kind of emotional Mini 100cm doll.” He said that these dolls have no legal problems, even in the United States, but added: “I think there are many ways to solve this problem.” this problem,.”

In other countries – such as Australia – many people have sex dolls. His wife and his mother were not bothered by the doll. “This is just part of my current job – it didn’t impress me,” she said. “I only want the sensor to work.”

“Maybe it’s time to think big. Isn’t women as capable as rude and objective men? There is room for everyone’s impure thoughts and desires. Sex dolls don’t discriminate, they can provide good massage, “She declared. “Don’t misunderstand me, I have a good husband. I suspect that I will trade. But if I have a daughter, I might consider giving her a sex doll as a college graduation gift. It is best to cook and keep the door.”

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