People’s Enthusiasm for Sex Dolls Is Rising

Sex dolls are essentially realistic dolls with complex movements

The enthusiasm for sex doll is nothing new, but it has recently reached a fever level. British Channel 4 recently released a documentary about sex doll users, including those seeking to interact with sex doll robots.

What is a sex doll robot? The robot has built our car, cleaned our house and made our food – now the manufacturer is offering realistic mobile dolls for “private fun.” Sexual robots are essentially realistic dolls with complex movements that mimic humans and enable them to play.

Sex robots are very realistic and have built-in heaters to create a warm feeling. The arguments for supporting dolls are very simple – these dolls are basically milk film, providing a way out for those who cannot show sexual fantasies and impulses in the real world for personal or legal reasons.

If the ultimate goal is to create autonomous robots that can think and feel independently, then the likelihood that humans will maintain power in these relationships is quite small. One study also found that if robots are programmed to use sex as a “beneficial” resource, they can start looking for themselves without informing their partners of cheating in a sense.

Of course, these personal reasons are more related to men who have adult sex dolls. Mini 100cm doll that are small are not children’s dolls. They belong to the category of small dolls. What is the sex doll brothel in Paris and why women are replaced by blown up dolls? In February 2018, a sex doll brothel was opened in Paris for the chunky players who like to play with plastic instead of real women.

There are several rooms in the sex club, and customers can use silicone sex dolls instead of prostitutes. As the advancement of artificial intelligence is expected to change all aspects of human life, the investigation of the robot revolution from internal pictures shows four different shapes, colors and sizes of dolls wearing thin underwear, while the room is decorated with images of other sex robots.

If someone comes forward and says, “I am attracted by children, I hope to get help to make sure that I never take action, so I will not hurt my children.” Perhaps society should seriously consider the use of doll specifications. It may be possible to give a “prescription” using a child’s sex doll, as well as treatment, guidance and supervision, to help individuals comply with the law and take full responsibility for their actions. The use of this well-regulated child sex doll may be a way to protect children’s safety. It feels like a dangerous area, but it is definitely worth considering.

Can sex robots do housework?
Chinese sex doll makers have created a robot that can laugh at your jokes – even washing dishes. Robots have spread front-line bombs and executed life-saving procedures in hospitals. Just last October, the world-famous robot became the first robot to speak at a British Parliament meeting.

The creation is powered by artificial intelligence and can also be used as a love doll for humans to have sex with. This is an interesting argument. A series of experts in the field of child sexual abuse have argued that prior to taking any action, priority should be given to crime prevention rather than waiting for the current practice of crime.

With the widespread use of technology, the price of sex robots is expected to decline, increasing their use. This living room in London will bring you a doll for £50 for half an hour and £130 for two hours. In a 2009 meta-analysis conducted by Chris, it was reported that the widespread impact of pornography on sexual assault rates was negative. In their conclusion, the author says:

Of course, this is a fairly abstract way to observe the effects of pornography and sexual assault. A group studied the impact of pornography on sexual abuse rates and found support for cathartic effects. The team borrowed from Czech law for a period of time when ownership of pornography (including materials involving children) was legal. They reported that sexual abuse rates have fallen sharply during this period, echoing similar trends in sexual abuse of children in Denmark and Japan.

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